Sisi: I hope to see Egyptians at their best

CAIRO- Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asserted that he hoped to see the Egyptians at their best, noting that if this wish comes true, he is the moving on the right track.

Speaking with residents of Al Asmarat City on Thursday while having an Iftar meal with them along with some popular leaderships and Parliament members, Sisi called on the people to stand united in order to achieve progress.

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Sisi greeted a 10-year-old girl on the occasion of Ramadan month and listened to her poetry.
Then, Youssef Abdullah, a student of “the new generation” initiative, expressed his deep thanks to President Sisi on the initiative which has enabled him to get acquainted with various important fields in Egypt. Abdullah voiced hope to become a police or army element in the future to defend his country.

Sisi answered him saying “when I was at your age, I hoped to have the ability to change shanty areas I was seeing in the country. It was like a dream for me, but by God’s will it is now coming true. I hope to see all Egyptians at their best”.

Then, Sisi welcomed one of the residents of Al Asmarat City, her name is Naema and she is the mother of one of the students of “the new generation” initiative. She told Sisi that she is honored to be a resident of Al Asmarat City.

Answering her, Sisi said “it was a dream for us to do this and God has made it a reality.”, calling on Al Asmarat residents to exert more effort with their children in order to make this dream a bigger one.

Sisi reiterated the need to cooperate with each other to end the past and aspire for a bright future, pressing the necessity of working on unique programs to extend genuine help to all people.

The president thanked God for realizing great achievements on the ground as it brings prosperity to the citizens, calling for uniting and standing together to achieve a better future for all.

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During the iftar meal event in Al Asmarat City, Sisi prayed for God to enable him to do everything good for Egypt, noting that such achievements are not a personal work but a collective one by all of us.

He also extended thanks to everyone who helped in implementing the development projects in Egypt.

The president called for watching our actions, adding that even in drama there should be a good watch over the behaviors and words uttered by all of us.

Meanwhile, Manal Ali Saeed, one of the released women prisoners who went to jail over debts, voiced her deep thanks to the president for his decision to release female inmates on the occasion of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Commenting on the “Decent Life” Initiative, Sisi voiced hope over ending its first phase, adding that there are two more stages left.

Sisi went on to say that “Decent Life” aims at improving the living standards of 60 million people who are deprived from sanitary drainage and clean water.

Speaking with residents of Al Asmarat City over an Iftar meal, Sisi said “Allah helps those who help others. We will work on making further improvement of services and utilities.”

Sisi noted that there are 300,000 apartments in Asmarat as well as in Alexandria and other areas, and their current cost is worth EGP 300 billion.

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President Sisi reiterated that the State will continue its efforts to improve the citizens’ lives. He prayed to God to enable him to do more of construction, building and reform.

On the education file, Sisi asserted that if the State is capable of presenting good education, the country will totally change.

He said he was attending a gathering at the Military Academy to participate in selecting a group of school directors.

He said the directors could be qualified in a period of six months, adding that it is a very difficult matter to qualify all the teachers, but good directors could strike such balance.

He said the primary education comprises 25 million students, while the university education students are up to 4 million and these are huge numbers.

Sisi again welcomed participants in the Iftar meal of Al Asmarat City.

He called on all participants to have confidence in themselves and to work as part of the big family of Egypt, noting that such great achievements are realized amidst very tough circumstances.

He also prayed for God to bless these beautiful days in which Muslims and Christians are fasting together.

Commenting on a question by one of the participants on providing job opportunities for youths, Sisi said that there are around 2 million housing units that have been established since he assumed office, noting that such great achievement has created many job opportunities in the fields of real estate.

The State needs as many as 700,000 job opportunities very year for fresh graduates, he said. Such huge numbers were not affordable for advanced countries in light of the current tough economic conditions gripping the whole world, the president added.

He cited the unemployment rate which hits 7.4 percent, noting that the figure is good for many countries facing such economic conditions. Sisi also reiterated that the State exerts its best efforts to provide more jobs.

He concluded his remarks by expressing his confidence in God that all such efforts and work would be crowned with great success and thanked all the attendees.

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