Cabinet reviews state plan to secure Covid vaccines for citizens

The Cabinet’s media center said Tuesday that the government has been strenuously acting to speed up the vaccination process in order to limit the spread of coronavirus.

A scientific strategy has been outlined with the aim to secure Covid vaccines in all specialized centers across the country, according to a video posted to review such efforts.

The center, in the video, stressed that all bodies concerned have been working together to facilitate the vaccination process for all citizens.

It also shed light on efforts by the health sector to settle the vaccine industry in Egypt and benefit from certified technology in this regard.

This is done in order to guarantee drug safety is achieved and to turn Egypt into a regional hub for vaccine exports to neighboring states, according to the video.

Interviewed in the video, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the spokesman for the Health Ministry, said Egypt is keen on securing vaccines for all citizens.

He added that the ministry is acting in line with directives by the political leadership. The plan was to address most vulnerable segments, persons suffering from chronic diseases and the medical staff, the spokesman made it clear.

That’s why the ministry has sought to have fixed and mobile vaccination centers all over Egypt, he noted.

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