SCA chairman: Suez Canal to go green in 2030

Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Osama Rabie said the Suez Canal will totally transform into an eco-friendly global waterway in 2030 relying on renewable energy to preserve the environment and encourage eco-friendly ships.

In statements during a phone interview Tuesday with Al Haya Al Youm program on Al Haya TV Channel, the SCA chairman said the Suez Canal announced reducing transit fees for green ships shifting from the use of petrol to natural gas to promote its image as a green maritime channel that embraces environment-friendly standards.

SCA will abide by international navigation requirements in this regard stipulating carbon emissions that do not exceed 0.5%, thus encouraging all ships transiting the canal to shift to the use of clean energy, according to Rabie.

He said SCA will designate an area for converting ships to be powered by natural gas in cooperation with a North Korean company.

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