Int’l co-operaiton min., NDB president inspects SCZONE

International Co-operation Minister Rania el-Mashat revealed establishing a vocation training center in the SCZONE with a Chinese grant on an area of 40,000 square meters, adding that it will be equipped with the latest different technological industries topped by energy industries, renewable energy, cars, robots, electronics, flexible industries, information technology and language education.

The centre also includes a residential complex for trainees and other for the trainers, sports and entertainment utilities, the minister said.

During Mashat’s visit on Thursday accompanied by a delegation from the New Development Bank (NDB) led by NDP President Dilma Rousseff to inspect the zone, the two sides discussed means of possible cooperation in the fields of mutual interest.

Mashat said the SCZONE is the result of the efforts of the Egyptian State in the past ten years to develop sustainable infrastructure and benefit from Egypt’s strategic position linking between Asia and Africa, with a view to attracting direct foreign investments, localizing industry and encouraging exporting operation from the zone.

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